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Case Study: The Lanesborough



The Lanesborough is one of London’s most iconic and ultra-luxe hotels.

Our brief was to attract a younger, trendier crowd and make the place more vibrant and happening whilst not alienating the existing older clientele.

We started working with the hotel in 2015 after Albert Pinto’s refurbishment and were given full artistic license to create playlists for the bar from 8 am to 1.30 am. Whilst keeping the original regency heritage & neo-classical design the refurbishment lightened & subtly contemporized the interior aesthetics and ambience of the hotel. We felt our playlists should reflect this.  We wanted to design and create an engaging music concept that communicates originality, keeping the quintessential elegance of the place but bringing fresh sounds and adding energy to the bar. The music had to be suitable for a younger crowd but mindful of the extensive age range and not alienate the older generation who have been patrons of the hotel for decades.

The Library Bar has a very mellow and intimate feel to it and so we wanted the soundscape to build gradually throughout the day using different genres of jazz to emphasise this warm cosy atmosphere. We then teamed this with electronic music later in the evening and so by mixing the classic jazz genres with contemporary sounds we were able to appeal to a wide age group. In the evening, we play trendy upbeat grooves that create a vibrancy in the space and are an interesting juxtaposition to the old fashioned ostentatious wood-panelled interior.

The bar management has a commitment to “push boundaries” creating unique twists out of “old classics” (cocktails) and this is something we have also done with the soundtrack.  We have created an intimate private member's club-like atmosphere with a diverse and intelligent music concept.

MBC's music concept has helped maintain the Library Bar as the place to be seen in London and one of its most celebrated cocktail destinations with full capacity most evenings.

Guests are constantly asking for copies of our playlists and we have had excellent feedback from their F&B Director:

What a weekend. MBC's playlists are fantastic. We had a full house and we even had to turn up the lights to get people to leave! Their music created such an amazing atmosphere.

Mickael Perron, F&B Director, The Lanesborough, London

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