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Music Brand Consultation

"I'm passionate about redefining the concept of background music; about bringing music to the forefront and making it an integral part of how guests experience a brand"

-Stephane Malca, CEO, MBC


If you care about what your guests see, taste, smell and feel, is what they hear not equally important?

Academic and scientific research has shown that music has a deep impact on our mood and behaviour. It's a proven fact that music directly influences how we perceive and remember experiences and brands. That's why getting the music right should be a key part of your marketing and brand strategy, and why thousands of brands are already investing considerably in bespoke music services.


Specialising in luxury brands, we work with all of our clients on an individual basis to discover and develop a strong and unique musical identityLooking at their brand history, creative direction and client demographic, alongside their physical space and local geography, we hand pick every track in their bespoke music schedule to create unforgettable guest and customer experiences. 

Our process:

  • We start with an initial consultation where we'll discuss your brand, space, clients, and what you're looking for from your music

  • We'll take this information and create a number of initial bespoke playlists 

  • One of our expert team of curators will then visit each venue. This is normally also the stage where we'll complete our audio consultation.

  • During our visit, we'll spend time observing your clientele and their behaviour, listening to our playlists in situ, and reviewing what styles work well to enhance your brand experience and impact

  • Once we've completed our review, we'll share our findings with you and complete your music schedule

  • We welcome all of our clients to be as involved or as hands-off in this process as they wish

  • But that's not the end...we review all of our schedules on a regular basis, and if something's not quite perfect, we'll continue to work with you and revise your music until you and your guests are 100% satisfied

  • We're also constantly updating our styles and playlists to make sure our curated sounds are always fresh and exciting


I am pleased to express my satisfaction with the standard of service offered to us by MBC. This is a company with high integrity and strong values focusing on providing the utmost levels of service. MBC has selected the perfect playlist for our fine dining restaurant. Thank you for your work, especially with respect taking care of my needs.

Bruno Papaleo, General Manager, Palazzo Manfredi

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