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Artisanal Curated Playlists

Image by Alberto Bigoni

We believe that music curation is a true art. It requires sensitivity, creativity, and a deep musical knowledge to turn a great experience into an unforgettable one. That’s why every one of our curated playlists is hand crafted by professional and passionate musicians, and never by an algorithm.


Our expert team come from various paths within the music industry, ranging from DJs to classical pianists. This means we not only have an unbeatable musical knowledge, but that we're also constantly adding new, exciting , hand-picked tracks to our collections. All of our playlists are updated at least once every month.

Our advanced technology ensures consistent volume and seamless transitions so that all of our tracks run together smoothly. We also offer professional DJ mixes for clients who wish to truly elevate their guests' listening experience. 

Using only the highest quality source files, our playlists are FM broadcast standard, which no other background music company in the world can offer.

We handle all music licensing for our playlists.


We are receiving great feedback form customers who just sit at the Lounge or at the Restaurant asking us which playlist is running in the background. Their music is always updated.

Mauro Campisi, IT Director
Armani Milano Hotel

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