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Wellness & Spa Music

Beautiful Spa Pool

Our lead Wellness curator is a highly qualified therapist who has over 20 years' experience in the wellness industry, and is passionate about providing the best spa music for hotels.

With our expert knowledge of all holistic therapies we have helped many destination spas across the globe to find their perfect playlists for every type of treatment.

Every one of our playlists generates a soothing ambience that allows even the most stressed-out customers to relax, both mentally and physically.

Notably, our spa playlists are mindfully infused with hertz healing frequencies which create a deeper level of healing.

This unique approach has made us the leading experts in holistic spa music curation.

Please read our spa blog for more information on the Solfeggio Hertz Healing frequencies and how they facilitate a greater level of healing.


MBC is constantly innovating and researching new trends in music. There's a wide range of services to choose from and I would choose MBC over and over again. MBC are innovative and quick to action any feedback.

Rosemary Read-Larsen, Wellness & Spa Director,
ShuiQi Spa,  Atlantis The Palm

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