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Bringing "Background" Music to the Forefront

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

Hotel lobby background music

Written by Philippa Day

Business Development Director, MBC

Philippa has visited 100's of luxury hotels over the years and has always been dismayed by some GM's attitude to their music policy. It is her hope to educate and help them understand the importance of the correct background music and how it should be an integral factor in their marketing strategies and brand development.

Published June 2022

If you care about what your guests taste, see and smell is it what they hear not equally important?

Apparently not! Today many hotels do not even use real music, relying instead on free production music, which we feel instantly cheapens the ambiance of any space as much of it resembles 90’s elevator "muzak".

This is obviously not appropriate for 5 star venues and is most definitely offensive to the clientele of such establishments. A number of generic background music companies use algorithms to create playlists, many of which seem to be totally incongruent with the decor, architecture & interior design of the hotel. Indeed, the music in many of these cases seems to be an afterthought, merely there to avoid silence.

It doesn’t make sense that such an integral part of the hotel’s overall ambience is generally overlooked by the management. In fact, many management teams will spend thousands on furniture but only a very small fraction of that on the music. They will also spend months thinking about the decor, but mere minutes thinking about the music. This just doesn’t make any sense as music has such a huge effect on the overall guest experience and, if badly selected, can do more harm than good! Given that music can 'make or break’ an outlet, and will have an immediate impact on how customers perceive a brand, surely it deserves at least a comparable amount of attention and budget?

At MBC, we can guarantee that our sophisticated playlists can bring elegance, class and refinement to your hotel. Our playlists will enhance and compliment public spaces, making your clientele want to stay and enjoy the area. We have invested heavily in our library and have access to over 50 million tracks so can create intelligent and well thought out playlists which convey a strong heritage of musical knowledge.

We’ve been helping luxury and aspiring hotels to develop their musical identity and bespoke music solutions for over 15 years. If you’d like see how we can help your brand, visit our website -


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