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Case Study: Amanjena



Aman is derived from the Sanskrit word peace; often set in locations of unsurpassed beauty the brand offers tranquil simplicity in splendid retreats. Amanjena is a palatial retreat inspired by the rose-hued buildings of old Marrakech and it’s 12th century Menara gardens. When creating our soundscape we took into consideration all these elements of the Aman brand whilst paying homage to the Arabian heritage of the hotel.

Our brief was to respect the national heritage of Morocco and emphasise the peace and serenity of the space whilst adding a layer of warmth in the evening giving the ground floor a more international feel.

We have created one soundscape for the lobby, bar and whole ground floor that has 6 moods that change effortlessly & seamlessly throughout the day and evening. Following the brief, we have drawn heavily on the hotel’s geographical location for inspiration and we have expertly blended local and regional music styles to create authentic playlists that reflect the location of the hotel. Throughout the day, we play classical Arabic music that is peaceful and light. We use music that creates a clean and peaceful sound.

As Amanjena is based just outside Marrakech, we sourced classical Arabic and Berber music dating back 2000 years. We also sourced classical Arabic music from the rest of the Arab world as this gave the playlist an extra dimension whilst beautifully complementing the Moroccan sound.

During the day, the playlists create the perfect backdrop to Amanjena’s cool, elegant interiors, the Moorish arches and vaulted ceilings taking the clientele on a beautiful Arabian journey.

From early evening we play upbeat jazz to give the space a warmer and more international feel. Later in the evening we use classical vocal jazz as this adds depth and warmth which is needed as the nights in Marrakech can be cold. This genre also appeals to both local patrons and international guests.

We are very often complimented on the quality of our playlists with many hotel clients asking for track names. We have been working with Amanjena for 6 years now and Nicolas Ilickovic, the General Manager is extremely happy with our service:

I am a delighted customer of MBC! Stephane, in particular, made sure every detail was attended to so that my brand reputation was not at risk. I felt completely taken care of and had peace of mind as a result. I recommend MBC for anyone who wants this level of service

Nicolas Ilickovic, General Manager, Amanjena

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