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Case Study: Destino Pacha



Destino is Pacha's 5-star luxury resort and outdoor venue. It is a destination in its own right, thanks to its weekly open-air gigs featuring the crème de la crème of superstar DJs.

Designed with jet-setting clubbers in mind, music is played all day long, thus music is key to the whole guest experience, “Destino will offer you a variety of unforgettable experiences with an extraordinary soundtrack.”

The adult-only resort has a chic style and we program the music for the outdoor bar, restaurant and the large, luxe lagoon-style pool area which is the hotel's centrepiece.

Our initial brief was to play edgy and specialist electronic music in this area. The client wanted us to program melodic techno however we advised against this. We felt the music would be too clubby and spacey and would be too specialist to appeal to all the guests of a 5 * hotel. Plus when people have been partying all night they want a more mellow ambience to relax in. So, we agreed with them it would be better to use downbeat electronics during the day, more upbeat late afternoon, soft deep house in the evening and chill-out lounge with an upbeat tempo after 11 pm.

They were very happy with the music after a few tweaks on the playlists and they now take our professional opinion on board and trust us. In order to keep this client happy it is essential that we have all the most up-to-date electronic tracks and so every year before the season starts we buy all the latest releases in electronic music.

Your service was on point last summer for which we are extremely grateful. I want to thank you for your excellent service these past few years

Louis Diaz, Pacha Group,

Global Director of Music & Programming

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